Student Circumstances Survey Results

Keep scrolling to learn more about what graduate students told us about their circumstances. 


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Importance of student circumstances

Student circumstances gives us a better idea of what's going on in the lives of students. With this information in mind, we can target new resources at groups of students to help improve their experience.

80% said their supervisor is interested in their well-being

Supervisor interest in students

Supervisor interest in a students well-being is important. We want to teach supervisors how to help their students thrive.

70% of students said they were confident about their personal finances

Financial Confidence

Understanding more about student finances will help us target those in need.

The University of Calgary supports students through scholarships, bursaries and awards and participates in government student loan programs. Programs are available to recognize outstanding achievement, community service and leadership and provide financial support to students in need.

890% of students said they could eat food on a regular basis without worry

Food Security

Learning more about the food security of students helps us target those who may need more help than others.


The SU Campus Food Bank, administered through SU Volunteer Services, provides a  seven day emergency food relief service to the campus community. This relief is provided through nutritionally sound hampers in accordance with the Canada Food Guide along with information to clients regarding resources available on and off-campus.