Sources of funding

Overview of the different types of funding available to thesis-based students


There are numerous internal and external awards available to UCalgary graduate students.

See our website under Award Opportunities and the Graduate Awards Database for scholarships. Also, speak with your Graduate Program Administrator for program-specific awards. When managing your money, it is helpful to keep in mind that all scholarship funding is non-taxable.


You may also apply for assistantships within your program. Check with Graduate Program Staff to learn about opportunities, eligibility and application deadlines. There are three types of assistantships:

Graduate Assistantship, Non-Teaching

This student role assists with non-teaching responsibilities such as research, program coordination or special projects. Earnings are 50% taxable, 50% not-subject to tax.

Graduate Assistantship, Teaching

Students in this role assist faculty members with the instructional responsibilities of departments. Commonly referred to as a TA, earnings from this role are 50% taxable, 50% not-subject to tax.

Graduate Assistantship, Research

Students perform research that is unrelated to their field of study and are paid from the research accounts held by university faculty. The rate of pay varies and earnings are treated as employment income and thus subject to tax.

Read the GAT collective agreement to learn more about these roles.

Sessional lectureship

A graduate student may be appointed as a Sessional Instructor for teaching as the Instructor of Record.

Regulations governing sessional lectureships are covered by the Collective Agreement between the Governors of the University of Calgary and the University of Calgary Faculty Association. Please contact your department for further information.

Payments are made through direct deposit. If the University of Calgary does not already have your banking information, you need to provide it.

Sessional lectureships are 100% taxable.