Understanding your fees

All students pay tuition/continuing fees and general fees in each term of the academic year.

Student fees

All course-based students pay a combination of tuition and general fees. Some programs have additional fees. Graduate students are registered on a twelve-month cycle, and course-based students are required to pay general fees for all the terms in the year that they are registered (regardless of if they are registered in a course or not). You will not have to pay course fees or program fees if you are not registered in a course. Fees are due in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer terms. Spring and Summer are considered one term for general fees

General fees

General fees give you access to many services at UCalgary such as the gym, transit, health and dental services etc. Some general fees are paid once a year and others are paid three times a year (per-term general fees). Spring and Summer are considered one term in this case. Before the fee payment deadline, students can opt-out of the health and dental plan, and the graduate donation fee. You will see “waived” beside the fee on your student centre. See the full list of all your general fees and how often they are paid (annually or per term) on the Graduate Calendar.

Graduate Calendar

Tuition Fees

Course-based students pay for each course that they take. Some courses have supplementary course fees in addition to the normal cost of taking a course. The cost of a course can be found on the Graduate Calendar. Some courses have Program-Specific fees with a different cost per course.

Cost per course

Program Fees

Depending on your program, an annual program fee may also be added to your total fees. You can find the rates of these program fees on the graduate calendar.

Program Specific Fees

See fee rates in the Graduate Calendar

Your account statement

You can find your total fees - general fees plus tuition/continuing fees - in your Student Centre under My Financials. If you do not see your fees listed, check to make sure you are registered. 

If you need to show a list of your fees and your registration status to a third party, print a Confirmation of Registration Letter.