Supervisory renewal

Learn about the new PeopleSoft process to renew your supervisory privileges at the University of Calgary.

NEW: Automated PeopleSoft Supervisory Renewal Process: A Faculty of Graduate Studies PaSO Initiative

Updated May 2023.

Under the current University of Calgary Graduate Student Supervision Policy, supervisory privileges are granted for a five-year renewable term. Every five years, supervisors go through a process to renew their supervisory privileges. 

Beginning this year, the formerly manual supervisory renewal process will be fully online in PeopleSoft. 

  • Supervisors with expired privileges will receive an initiation email providing the information they need to begin the supervisory renewal process.  

  • Graduate Program Directors will receive a notification email when the supervisor has completed their portion of the renewal process, and they will be directed to provide a recommendation (i.e., renewal, formal evaluation, pushback) and choose from among a preselected set of comments.  

  • The Department Head or Associate Dean will receive a notification email and be directed to provide final recommendation and comments. 

  • The FGS Dean will confirm the renewal and provide a formal letter. 

Supervisors who receive an initiation email should follow these steps to submit renewal requests and ensure continuity of supervisory privileges: 

  • Log in to the UCalgary portal ( to begin the renewal of Supervisory Privileges process, which is now managed in PeopleSoft.  

  • Under the Academic dropdown menu, select Faculty Centre in the Academic Direct Access column.  

  • Once in your Faculty Centre, select Supervisor Details to open the webform where you will be able to renew, change, end, or delay renewal of your Supervisory Privileges.  

For detailed instructions, please refer to the following job aids: 

If you have questions or believe that a notification for the renewal of supervisory privileges was sent to you in error, please contact