2024 UCalgary 3MT Finalists

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the UCalgary 3MT Finals! 

Headshot of Darsh Tripathi

First place winner

Darsh Tripathi, Kinesiology 
Supervisor: Dr. Walter Herzog 
Does inherent aerobic capacity protect the knee joint from degeneration?

Headshot of Aliza Jaffer

Second place winner and People's choice

Aliza Jaffer, Medical Sciences 
Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Lebel 
Mom & me: Mental health in pregnancy and the baby brain

Headshot of Jessica May Corpuz

Third place winner

Jessica May Corpuz, Biomedical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. Roman Krawetz 
Proteoglycan 4: The bio-lubricant that's got your back

Headshot of Moty Moravvej

Third place winner

Moty Moravvej, Haskayne School of Business 
Supervisor: Dr. Alfred Lehar 
Are markets efficient without noise traders?

Headshot of Heshini Dalpathadu


Heshini Dalpathadu, Medical Sciences 
Supervisor: Dr. Steven Greenway 
When kidneys attack! Identifying the cause of heart disease in children with kidney disease

Headshot of HaoChen Sun


HaoChen Sun, Biomedical Engineering 
Supervisor: Dr. Roman Krawetz 
Unlocking the power of hair follicle mesenchymal stem cells: A new era in osteoarthritis therapy

Headshot of Gabrielle Lee


Gabrielle Lee, Physics and Astronomy 
Supervisor: Dr. Kevin Alexander and Dr. Jean-David Jutras 
Shedding light on radiation therapy: From fear to assurance

Headshot of Victoria Tenor


Victoria Tenor, Geography  
Supervisor: Dr. Gwendolyn Blue  
Flies of the future: Should the public have a say in new commercial animal biotechnologies?

Headshot of Anuj Sethia


Anuj Sethia, Physics and Astronomy 
Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Oblak 
Quantum key distribution

Headshot of Patrick Whitman


Patrick Whitman, Kinesiology 
Supervisor: Dr. Leigh Gabel 
The effect of a 9-month high-intensity strength and impact training program on muscle in peri- and early menopausal women

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You've learned about the 3MT, you know you're eligible, you've talked to your friends, family, colleagues and supervisor, and everyone agrees. You need to sign up for this amazing experience!

This part is easy: come up with a catchy title and send in your registration.

Start practicing!

It takes time, careful editing and lots of practice to pull off a great 3MT talk. Time management is essential, since you're doing this alongside your other obligations.

In time, you'll need to memorize your talk. Practice with family, friends, a mirror, or try recording yourself.

Sign up for a feedback session and workshops

Sign up for workshops during the registration process.

Sign up for an in-person feedback session to get one-on-one advice on your talk and slide. Pro tip: most past finalists attended a feedback session. In-person feedback sessions take place in March.

Keep practicing!

You've done some workshops, attended a feedback session and you've got your talk memorized. Time to put your feet up and relax? No way! Keep practicing. Have you tried your talk while in the shower? On the train? Driving to work? Feeding the ducks? Practice, practice, practice. 

Attend your in-person heat

This is it! You'll be in a heat of around 15 students. Heat audiences are usually small, so don't stress. Besides, you've been practicing like crazy! Have fun and give yourself a pat on the back - this is a big accomplishment. And remember to make some noise for your competitors!

Going to finals

The top two finishers from each heat go to finals, which usually takes place about two weeks after the heats. We offer finalists another feedback session to really hone the small details. Make sure you keep practicing!

The winner of the finals represents UCalgary at Western Regionals.

Video sessions and outreach

After finals, all 3MT finalists will have a video recorded for them by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. These videos will be posted on the My GradSkills website.