Making your internship a Transformative Talent Internship

Learn about eligibility, benefits, and the application process for making your internship a TTI

Internship eligibility

To qualify for a TTI opportunity, an internship must: 

  • Be approved by the student's graduate supervisor and program 

  • Include a mentor at the internship organization to provide guidance and feedback during the internship 

  • Use and develop the student's research and/or professional skills 

  • Be a minimum of 210 hours and a maximum of 8 months full-time or 12 months part-time 

  • Not be solely research-based 

  • Not contributing to a student’s thesis or capstone project 

  • Not be eligible for Mitacs funding 

Student (intern) eligibility

To confirm your eligibility to participate in your internship opportunity and the TTI program, you must:  

  • Be a full-time graduate student registered at the University of Calgary, and at least one year into your graduate program 
  • Be in good standing with the university.  
  • Be in a graduate program that does not have a required internship, practicum or co-op course 
  • Have the approval of your graduate supervisor and/or graduate program 

Internships should be taken in your second year (master’s) or post-candidacy (PhD). Please note: international students and international internships may have additional requirements. Please refer to the International Student Services' information for working off-campus.

Please see the Graduate Calendar for full details on student eligibility.

Benefits of completing a TTI

  • The Transformative Talent Internship program is a UCalgary supported work-integrated learning opportunity. 
  • Internships with the federal government are only available to students in a registered co-op/internship program like TTI.
  • Participants can maintain full-time student status (without taking a full-time course load).

Make use of this D2L program to support your growth through your internship as you Set, Plan, Monitor and Evaluate your development. 

TTI Advance will be facilitated through D2L and provides space for you to connect with other interns and self-reflect on your own progress. You should anticipate spending approximately one to two hours per week progressing through the modules in TTI Advance.

When you participate in a Transformative Talent Internship you will be registered automatically in an internship course to have your internship recorded on your transcript.  

The Faculty of Graduate Studies office will register you in the appropriate course for each term of your internship. 

Your enrolment in an internship course ensures the internship is recorded on your transcript and gives your graduate program a way to track your progress in your program. 

The Faculty of Graduate Studies provides Transformative Talent Internship scholarships to support students in internship. 

  • Tuition/program fee reimbursement. Participants in course-based programs are reimbursed for their internship (INTE) course fees; participants in research-based programs are reimbursed for their tuition fees for the time they are completing their internships.  
  • Additional funding. The Faculty of Graduate Studies may pay an additional bursary top-up to internship earnings in certain situations. Please contact

Graduate students undertaking internships may not be eligible for scholarship or other non-internship funding from university sources, including supervisor’s research grants, during the period of their internship. 

Students currently receiving scholarship funding must contact the Graduate Scholarship Office at to discuss whether participating in a Transformative Talent Internship will impact current scholarships.