Managing grad school

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Getting through grad school

Graduate study is a rewarding, but often-challenging endeavour but we are here to help.

Working with a supervisor

Some course-based graduate students are paired with faculty members to provide mentorship and/or to complete a research project. While working with a supervisor:

  • Know your deadlines and program completion requirements.
  • Meet with your supervisors early to set expectations. Decide on how often you will meet, how you will contact each other, what is a reasonable time to wait for a response and set milestones with an expected timeline
  • Communicate! Inform your supervisor and/or graduate program director of changes in your plans or anything that would affect you completing your degree in a timely manner.

Preparing for your internship or practicum

If your program requires that you do an internship or practicum, connect with your graduate program administrator for resources to help you prepare and search for a placement. If you would like to gain new skills and add to your experience through an internship that may not be required by your program, connect with My GradSkills.

My GradSkills

Studying and writing at the graduate level

In graduate school, you will be challenged to improve your writing and communication skills. Learn more about opportunities to improve your communication with My GradSkills. Engage your studying and writing with academic integrity to get the most of your degree.

Academic Integrity

Take care of yourself and each other

Grad school can be stressful. As you move through your program, be sure to take some time to rejuvenate yourself, make new friends and take care of each other.

  1. Meet people in your program by connecting with your Graduate Student Association.
  2. Connect with the Wellness Centre for your medical and wellness needs including massage, chiro, counselling services and many more. 
  3. Go to the gym, join a sports team, learn new skills or just play. Learn more about Active Living services.

Together, we can create a healthy campus community for everyone.

Learn more about the campus mental health strategy

If you are facing barriers to completing your program, contact the Graduate Academic Specialist