Accept/Decline an award

Received an award offer? Congratulations! Make sure you are within the award maximums before accepting. Learn more in this section.

Make sure you are registered and eligible

Consider how your registration may affect your award before accepting it. In some cases, you may be able to interrupt or delay your award payments

Award interruption

Renewable awards

You don’t need to re-accept a renewable award but you must prove satisfactory progress

Renewing your award

Accepting multiple awards

If you received multiple award offers, see "Accepting Multiple Awards" below to make sure you are eligible to accept them all and when the awards must start

Notification and the details of the award are sent to your UCalgary email and are posted on your Student Centre under: My Financials.

How to accept an award

To accept an award, go to your student centre under "My Financials". Under "Awards and Scholarships", click "View / Accept / Decline Awards", select the year of the award. There you will see all the details of your award and a link to accept or decline it.

You may wish to decline your award to ensure you are in compliance with the Graduate Regulations. Receiving an award you are not eligible for will lead to the award being terminated and the funds needing to be returned. If you are a current UCalgary graduate student and have to decline an award due to other funding, you may still include it on your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Competitive awards adjudicated and paid through the Faculty of Graduate Studies will be recorded on your transcript.



Accepting internal and external awards

Students holding a University of Calgary competitive academic award and who are subsequently awarded an external award must take up the external award at the earliest possible date and notify the Graduate Scholarship Office. Holding an external award does not necessarily prevent holding another award. In cases where the regulation is not clear, contact the Graduate Scholarship Office.

    Don't delay your response for external awards

    Accepting multiple awards

    Congratulations on receiving multiple award offers. Before accepting, make sure you are still eligible.

    Typically the maximum amount a student can hold in other awards and/or university-wide competitive awards at any given time is $20,500 (master’s students), $26,000 (doctoral student) as governed by the Graduate Award Regulations. Read the entire regulation before accepting your award. 

        Maximums you can accept

        Masters Students: $20,500

        Doctoral Students: $26,000

        Exceptions to maximums

        Here are a few exceptions :

        1. Students may hold one single award of any value, even if that one award is above the maximums.
        2. These maximums do not apply to:
          • Izaak Walton Killam Doctoral Scholarship
          • Funds awarded by graduate programs through their Graduate Support Allocation
          • Supervisor funding
          • Graduate Assistantships (Teaching and Non-Teaching)
          • Differential tuition awards
          • Non-academic awards, eg Travel awards, Graduate Student Association (GSA) awards
        3. A program with an approved tuition differential may combine Program Recommended awards for an individual student up to the value stated above plus the difference between the tuition charged and the regular base tuition.

        Thank the Donor

        Many student awards at the University of Calgary are made possible because of generous donors who believe in the importance of post-secondary education and supporting our future leaders, like you. Our donors appreciate hearing from the students they support. Your expressions of gratitude reinforce the importance of their contributions and the difference their gifts have made in your life. Please complete the Student Award Thank You and share a few sentences about what the award means to you – how it helps financially and what opportunities it affords.

        All award applicants must read and understand the Graduate Award Regulation

        1. Award

          Award refers to scholarships, awards, fellowships, internships, research and training grants

        2. Competitive Awards

          Competitive awards are awarded for academic merit and research potential through peer-reviewed competition

        3. Other Awards

          "Other awards" refers to external funding agency awards; major research and training grants; and department, program or institute level awards not administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies

        4. Program Recommended 

          Program Recommended awards are nominated by individual graduate programs and administered through the Faculty of Graduate Studies

        5. University-wide awards

          University-wide awards are administered through the Faculty of Graduate Studies