Naotaka Hayashi

Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of Alberta
MA in Anthropology, University of Alberta
BAgric. in Forest Ecology, University of Tokyo, Japan

Naotaka's headshot

Areas of Research

Environmental Anthropology
The main research interest focusses on the relationships between humans and the environment in which they live (the Human-Environment Relationships). The state of the environment, including physical features, weather, flora and fauna, is dynamic, so local people's relationship to their environment never remains static. I am interested in how Inuit-descendants in Greenland have acquired and built knowledge and skills to live off ever-shifting environments. To this end, I am investigating sheep farming in South Greenland and sea-mammal hunting in North and East Greenland. I want to unfold how local inhabitants adjust and develop their understanding of the environment while coping with changing climatic variability and conditions.
Community Building and Development
Recently, I am interested in community building and development, particularly those in rural areas. I am looking for communities (in Greenland, Iceland and Japan) where residents try to increase community well-being through a healthy human-environment relationship. I am synthesizing ideas on endogenous development, degrowth, and the deconstruction of development. I want to theorize and examine an ecology of hope by exploring how community members envision the future of their community.

Supervising degrees

Anthropology - Masters: Unavailable
Anthropology - Doctoral: Unavailable

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