Pierre Billon, PhD

PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada
Postdoc in Genetics and Development, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York City, USA

Dr. Pierre Billon

Areas of Research

Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Cell Biology
The Billon Laboratory is studying the mechanisms that promote Genome Editing and DNA Repair. We employ cutting-edge genome editing technologies (CRISPR-transposons, base editing and prime editing), high-throughput genetic screens in cell lines and in vivo, biochemical assays, cell biology experiments, and mouse models to interrogate and manipulate the cellular mechanisms that protect our genome. Studying and controlling the cellular DNA damage response will not only provide new insights into the mechanisms that promote genome stability to enhance cancer treatments, but also to improve the accuracy, efficiency and safety of modern precision genome editing technologies for the treatment of human genetic diseases.

Supervising degrees

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Masters: Seeking Students
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Doctoral: Seeking Students

Working with this supervisor

To initiate the application process, interested candidates are required to complete and submit the application form to Dr. Pierre Billon at the following email address: pierre.billon@ucalgary.ca.
The application form is available for download from the laboratory website under the section "Open Positions", which is accessible at: https://www.billonlab.com/open-positions.

Please be advised that incomplete submissions will not be eligible for consideration.