George Chaconas, PhD

PhD in Biochemistry University of Calgary

George Chaconas

Areas of Research

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Lyme Disease
Work in my laboratory focuses on several aspects of the organism causing Lyme disease, including: 1) The molecular mechanism of recombination and DNA repair events driving antigenic variation, using genetic and biochemical approaches. 2) Studies on the mechanism by which the pathogen crosses the endothelium to escape from the vasculature and invade surrounding tissue.

Supervising degrees

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Doctoral: Unavailable
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Masters: Unavailable
Microbiology and Infectious Disease - Masters: Unavailable
Microbiology and Infectious Disease - Doctoral: Unavailable

Working with this supervisor

I am looking for curious and creative minds that are willing to work hard and are excited about science and the fun that comes with discovery.

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